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Scenario: A Citrix Administrator deployed a NetScaler in one-arm mode. Currently, the VLANs 20, 30 and 40 are tagged on the interface with the option of `tagall’ on the interface. What is true regarding the VLANs, when `tagall’ is enabled on the interface?

A. VLANS 1, 20, 30, 40 and HA packets are tagged on the interface
B. VLANS 20, 30 and 40 are tagged on the interface
C. VLANS 20, 30, 40 and HA packets are tagged on the interface
D. VLANS 1, 20, 30 and 40 are tagged on the interface

Answer: D

Which NetScaler mode is commonly referred to as `inline mode’?

A. One-Arm Mode
B. Use Source IP (USIP)
C. MAC-based Forwarding
D. Two-Arm Mode

Answer: D
In an inline mode (also called two-arm mode) setup, you connect the NetScaler appliance to the network through multiple VLANs.

A NetScaler with Unified Gateway combines _________ and ________ to provide access to websites and applications through a single URL. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. NetScaler Gateway; Load Balancing
B. Content Switching; Authentication features
C. Content Switching; NetScaler Gateway
D. Authentication features; Load Balancing

Answer: B
NetScaler Unified Gateway leverages its Authentication, Authorization and Auditing (AAA) features with content switching to enable users to access all their authorized enterprise applications through a single gateway and URL.

Which three steps can a Citrix Administrator take to integrate an existing CERT-based authentication policy on an existing NetScaler Gateway platform? (Choose three.)

A. Create a CERT authentication policy and bind it to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server
B. Enable client authentication on the SSL parameters of the virtual server
C. Bind the existing CERT authentication policy to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server
D. Enable the two-factor option on the existing CERT authentication profile
E. Change the client certificate to Mandatory on the SSL parameters of the virtual server

Answer: BCE

Scenario: IT administrators working from remote locations, need to connect securely to internal Windows servers to manage the servers.
Below are the connection requirements:
– The remote client devices must be locked down, preventing installation of any additional software
– Users must authenticate at NetScaler Gateway and NetScaler Gateway must perform Single Sign-on to the Windows servers
– Connection capabilities (for example, client drive mapping) must be controlled by NetScaler Gateway
Which connection method can a Citrix Administrator configure to meet these requirements?

A. RDP Proxy
B. Clientless VPN
C. Full VPN
D. Micro VPN

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has a NetScaler SDX with four VPX instances configured. The SDX has a 10GB bandwidth license that has been configured with dedicated bandwidth of 2 GB for each instance. However, the administrator found that three instances do NOT ever reach the bandwidth limit, while one instance reaches the limit and needs 1 GB more bandwidth to accommodate increased traffic requests. What can the administrator change on the instance that requires more bandwidth, to meet traffic requirements?

A. Configure LA channel to increase the bandwidth
B. Configure burst capacity of 1 GB with priority 10
C. Purchase a SDX license to increase the bandwidth on the instances
D. Configure burst capacity on the instance adding 1 GB of bandwidth with burst priority 0

Answer: D

Which three Unified Gateway elements can be configured by the Unified Gateway Wizard? (Choose three.)

A. Responder policy for HTTP to HTTPS redirect
B. A primary and any optional secondary authentication configuration
C. The Unified Gateway primary virtual server
D. Rewrite policy for HTTP to HTTPS redirect
E. An SSL Server Certificate for the Unified Gateway virtual server

Answer: BCE

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator created four session policies and applied them to the bind points below.
– Policy A: Split tunnel ON priority 10 bound at the Virtual Server level
– Policy B: Split tunnel OFF priority 20 bound at the Group level
– Policy C: Split tunnel NOT configured priority 30 bound at the Global level
– Policy D: Split tunnel ON priority 6 bound at the Group level
Which policy will take precedence?

A. Policy C
B. Policy D
C. Policy A
D. Policy B

Answer: A

What are two pre-requisites for configuring SmartAccess policies on a NetScaler Gateway virtual server? (Choose two.)

A. Universal License
B. Pre- or Post-Endpoint Analysis configuration policy
C. Smart card configuration policy
D. Standard License

Answer: AB
Make sure the Prerequisites are completed. This includes: ICA Only unchecked, Gateway Universal licenses installed, Callback URL configured at StoreFront, and Trust XML enabled on Delivery Controllers.
If you are using a Preauthentication Policy to run an Endpoint Analysis scan:

Scenario: A company has three departments with proprietary applications that need to be load-balanced on the NetScaler. The three department managers would like to use the same IP address to access their individual application, which would mean configuring three load-balanced virtual servers all using the same IP address.
How can a Citrix Administrator configure this on the NetScaler?

A. Configure three different lad-balanced virtual servers with three different IP addresses on the NetScaler
B. Configure three SNIPs with the same IP address on the NetScaler
C. Configure three different NetScalers that use the same IP address
D. Configure three different admin partitions that allow the use of the same IP address for each load- balanced virtual server

Answer: D

Which three pieces of information are required for a NetScaler Unified Gateway deployment? (Choose three.)

A. Valid SSL Certificates
B. Secondary Authentication for the Unified Gateway
C. Enterprise license or higher
D. Content Switching virtual server
E. Multiple IP addresses for User Access

Answer: ACD


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