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In a configuration with redundant supervisors, how many IP addresses are required to configure full remote access via management 0?

A.    two IP addresses, one for each supervisor
B.    three IP addresses, one virtual IP and one physical IP for each supervisor
C.    one IP address that is shared among supervisors
D.    none–management 0 will use the IP address from the first SVI that is created

Answer: C

VLAN configuration using DCNM can be completed by which two supported methods? (Choose two.)

A.    Copy and paste the VLAN, along with its VLAN ID, name, type, admin state, and admin status, from
one device to another.
B.    Create a single VLAN or a range of VLANs.
C.    A VLAN is created only after choosing File > Deploy to apply changes.
D.    After a VLAN is created, it requires the state to be enabled.
E.    Modify the existing VLAN by choosing Interface > VLAN > VLAN Settings.

Answer: AB

Enabling jumbo frame support on a Cisco Nexus 5500 Switch can be done through which method?

A.    changing the default policy map from a default MTU of 1500 to 9216
B.    using the command system jumbomtu 9216
C.    using the command interface MTU 9216
D.    configuring the default Ethernet system class to an MTU of 9216 with a new network QoS policy map

Answer: D

Which two statements about authentication settings for DCNM-LAN are true? (Choose two.)

A.    If none of the authentication servers that are configured for the current authentication mode responds
to an authentication request, the DCNM-LAN server falls back to local authentication.
B.    DCNM-LAN only supports TACACS+.
C.    Each DCNM-LAN server will have the same device credentials.
D.    Administering DCNM-LAN authentication settings requires an authentication license.
E.    DCNM-LAN server users are local to the DCNM-LAN server.

Answer: AE

DCNM is capable of monitoring the network performance of a SAN. What are the three primary areas of this operation?

A.    analyze traffic, device management, and network monitoring
B.    DCNM-SAN, DCNM-LAN, and device manager
C.    definition of flows, information collection, and data presentation
D.    SNMP poll data, MIB analysis, and report generation

Answer: C

What is required for proper implementation of jumbo frame support on a Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extender?

A.    The interface configured as FEX fabric requires the MTU to be set to jumbo.
B.    The service policy must be applied to the system QoS.
C.    The device defaults to jumbo frame support; no changes are required.
D.    The switchport in the FEX interface must be set to MTU 9216.

Answer: B

DCNM device discovery is done by connecting to Cisco NX-OS devices and doing which three of these? (Choose three.)

A.    collecting the running configuration
B.    raising the logging level to meet the minimum requirement
C.    discovering all devices by default
D.    discovering devices using multiple user accounts as long as they are administrator-level accounts
E.    using LLDP to discover network adaptors

Answer: ABE

What does the mac packet-classify command do when applied to an interface configuration?

A.    It enables MAC ACLs to be applied to only IP packets that enter the interface.
B.    It enables MAC ACLs to be applied to only non-IP packets that enter the interface.
C.    It enables MAC ACLs to be applied to all packets that enter the interface.
D.    It enables MAC ACLs to be used for QoS settings.

Answer: C

In a virtual port channel (vPC) configuration, VRRP exhibits which characteristic?

A.    VRRP does not work with vPC due to industry standard requirements
B.    VRRP works with vPC in traditional active/standby modes
C.    VRRP works with vPC in an active/active mode
D.    VRRP work with vPC as long as vPC peer-gateway is configured to address non-standard replies
to the physical MAC address

Answer: C

On Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches, where are the virtual output queues implemented, and what is the main purpose of virtual output queues?

A.    on all ingress interfaces; to ensure maximum throughput on a per-egress, per-CoS basis
B.    on all ingress interfaces; to provide independent congestion management and 16 queues
C.    on all egress interfaces; so that a congested egress port does not affect traffic directed to other
egress ports
D.    on all egress interfaces; to prevent head-of-line blocking by utilizing multiple virtual output queues
E.    on all egress interfaces; to be able to use EEE 802.1p CoS

Answer: A

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