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Exam Code: 220-802
Exam Name CompTIA A+ 800 series
Certification Provider: CompTIA
Corresponding Certification: CompTIA A+

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Which of the following is an example of client-side virtualization?

A.    Compatibility mode on a program icon properties menu
B.    Running a DOS application on a Windows 7 32-bit operating system
C.    Cloud hosted office applications
D.    XP mode running in Windows 7 64-bit operating system

Answer: D

Laptops and tablets have which of the following in common?

A.    Solid state drives
B.    Contain an accelerometer
C.    No field serviceable parts
D.    Not upgradable

Answer: A
Explanation: windows-7

Joe, a technician, would like to map a network drive when he starts up his computer in the morning. Which of the following commands would he use to accomplish this task?

D.    NET

Answer: D

A local administrator would like to determine why a laptop is taking so long to boot into the operating system. Which of the following tabs in MSCONFIG would the administrator access to BEST determine this?

A.    Startup
B.    Tools
C.    General
D.    Boot

Answer: A

A user, Ann, reports that she suspects her workstation has malware. Joe, the technician, confirms malware exists and starts the process of removing the malware. Which of the following is the FIRST step he should take in removing the malware?

A.    Disable antivirus
B.    Disable system restore
C.    Enable hard drive encryption
D.    Format the hard drive

Answer: B

A user reports paper jams at the location of the paper trays. Which of the following components would need to be replaced to resolve this issue?

A.    Fuser
B.    Duplexer
C.    Pickup roller
D.    Imaging drum

Answer: C

A user has plugged in a mobile phone to a PC and received a message that the driver was not successfully installed. Which of the following system tools should be used to troubleshoot this error?

A.    Device Manager
B.    Component Services
C.    Windows Memory Diagnostics
D.    Data Sources

Answer: A
Explanation: troubleshooting/

On a corporate network, which of the following features would be used to redirect network traffic for filtering or monitoring?

A.    Content Advisor
B.    Proxy Settings
C.    Network Drive Mapping
D.    Local Security Policy

Answer: B

Which of the following describes when an application is able to reuse Windows login credentials?

A.    Access control list
B.    Principle of least privilege
C.    Single sign-on
D.    Pass-through authentication

Answer: C

In order to prevent other users from editing files in `C:\ Files’, which of the following steps should be taken?

A.    Set NTFS permissions to read only
B.    Set the folder to index files for search
C.    Set the local administrator as the owner of the folder
D.    Set network share permissions to read only

Answer: A
Explanation: on-and-for-active-directory-entries-for wi

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